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New Resource: California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide

Check out this new resource for teens. The national Partnership for Women and Families created this guide to hand out to teens or their parents to help them navigate pregnancy and parenting. It contains information on the rights of teen parents, including minor consent, confidentiality, school decisions and life decisions.

TeenNow California Curriculum Lending Library

TeenNow California members can now take advantage of a new member benefit! In the interest of promoting the use of evidence-based approaches in sex education, we have purchased several curricula that meet the rigorous standards of science-based approaches. The curricula were chosen because they were approved by at least three authorities on science-based sex education, and because research has shown them to be effective at reducing unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), or high-risk sexual behaviors.

To borrow a curriculum, you must be a current TeenNow California member, and you must agree to follow our policies and abide by copyright laws. These materials are for review only--you may not copy them or use them in your programs, and they must be returned by the due date assigned. To take advantage of this new program, download our Lending Library Form and carefully read all the rules and instructions.

Rights, Respect, Responsibility—The 3R Campaign

What Is the 3Rs Campaign?

Developed by Advocates for Youth in 2001, the New 3Rs is a change in paradigm for adolescent health services. Taking a very youth-driven, youth-positive approach. the campaign aims to change the way that adults—parents, community leaders, and youth-serving professionals—view their relationship with teens.

TeenNow California is committed to promoting the new approaches of the 3Rs. Watch this page for more resources you can use to implement the 3R approach in your work. Also, check out the resources linked here to help you get started.

Core Values:
  • Rights: We believe youth have the right to accurate information and access to health services.
  • Respect: We respect youth as valued members of the community, with much to offer.
  • Responsibility: We trust youth to make responsible decisions when they are provided information, taught skills and given support to do so.
The proven public health strategies that The New 3Rs employs include:
  • Family communication,
  • Comprehensive sex education,
  • Confidential and accessible health services,
  • Effective mass media campaigns,
  • Positive youth development and
  • Public policies based on sound public health approaches.

Tools for Advocacy

Use these tools and guidelines to advocate for your program, protest budget cuts, and draw attention to the importance of teen parenting and pregnancy prevention programs.

Program Fact Sheets

Now is the time to Advocate for Programs that Serve Expectant and Parenting Teens (PDF, 36 KB)

Venn Diagram

The following Venn Diagram by Juanita Weber is being reprinted to enable TeenNow California members and others to use it for advocacy purposes.
Venn Diagram (PDF, 32 KB)