About us

About US

teenNow California was founded in 1971 as the California Alliance Concerned with School-Age Parents and Parenting. Our mission was to make an impact on the high rates of teen pregnancy. As CACSAP, we focused on professional development and policy. Over time a college scholarship program was added for pregnant and parenting graduating seniors. We are extremely proud of our scholarship recipients.

We changed our name to teenNow California with the intent to expand our focus to include the factors that cause teen pregnancy and youth development. We have continued to grow adding training both in-person and webinars to our professional development efforts. As a result we have seen a greater impact on the professionals we serve. In the coming years, we will continue to serve adults who work with our young people by providing professional development, technical assistance, conferences, trainings and much, much more. We are expanding our college scholarship essay program and plan to award larger amounts in the coming years.

Our mission statement was updated in 2014 to reflect our broader goals. Our mission is :

“to increase the knowledge, skills and resources of individuals concerned with healthy adolescents”

Our values have remained stable as we have grown.